The intent of this brief summary is to provide a context from which to better understand the community that we know as Terravista. For the purposes of this summary we will begin the historical review in the late 1960’s when the property was owned by the Dean family and operated as a campground. The three photos attached to the bottom of this page will provide you with a visual of “The Dean’s Windermere Beach Resort”. You will likely recognize a number of landmarks that still exist today from which to orient yourself.

The campground operated as a commercial enterprise and accommodated tent campers, trailer campers, and about 6 small cottages for rent located in what we now know as the “gully” (Units 53 to 41). The Dean’s residence, prominently located in the center of the complex at the time, served as both a general store and their home. This building later became the Terravista Clubhouse which has since been removed. Today, the clubhouse area is an open grass field located next to unit #70.

The Dean campground operated until 1970 when it was bought by an investment group from Calgary led by Harry Lane and Art Finlayson. This group laid out the eventual development and architectural design of the complex. The old cabins were removed and work on water, sewer, electricity, and propane services were begun. By 1971 the complex was ready for development at which time Nu-West Developments bought out the Calgary investment group. In the spring of 1972 Nu-West began construction and by the fall new owners began to move in. Phase I of construction consisted of all of the units currently on the South side of Terravista Road – units 1 to 69 . The cabin lots were also sold off at this time and developed by individual owners over time. Condominium units were sold for between $17,000 and $22,000 depending upon which package you purchased – the basic package consisting of linoleum floor tiles and few extras or the full package consisting of shag carpet, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and a fireplace. Phase II, which comprises all of the remaining units on the North side of Terravista Road – units 70 to 108 - was eventually completed by 1978 with prices of between $50,000 and $60,000.

By 1980, re-sale prices had reached the mid $80,000’s and many wondered if $100,000 was possible. The early 1980’s also brought economic uncertainty and with changes to real estate tax laws Terravista experienced a fair amount of ownership turnover.

Terravista had a resident caretaker for the first 25 years of its existence. Unit #83 served as the residence for the caretaker. In the mid 1990’s unit #83 was sold and a new home was built beside the boat yard to accommodate future staff.

Little has changed in a structural sense at Terravista since its humble beginnings. The units were originally built with cedar siding and a natural stain but were re-painted in the late 1990’s to the green color we see today. Individual owners have renovated the interior of their units over time with some units having basements and others not.

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